Celogen Generics

Celogen Generics

World over programmes are run by various governments to bring down the cost of healthcare. Generic products are encouraged as Generics are equivalent to original molecules in terms of efficacy and qualitybut Generics are priced with the view to lower the cost of healthcare.

Celogen Generics is a division, which brings to global market Quality Generics, which are equivalent to the original molecule. The efficacy of Generic product is equal to the original product and is proven by Invitro Tests and also through various Bio-equivalent studies.

Celogen Generics provides world class and high quality formulations to the market at a price, which is conducive for Global Pharmaceutical Market.

Celogen Generics is making in-roads into the Regulated Markets through the route of Product Dossier and out-licensing the Dossier.

The step toward the direction of Regulated market is by providing robust dossiers of the products which are Bio-equivalent to the original products from Europe and USA.

Celogen Group has opened its office in UK with a view to register the products and cater to the European customers.

Celogen Generics can provide dossiers for products of interest to the customers around the world.